Good Bacteria, Microbes & Fungi

Enzymes Komplete™ is a protector & defender of good bacteria, good microbes & good fungi!

Enzymes Komplete™ is truly beneficial for the activities of good bacteria, various beneficial microbes and good fungi, not only to survive, but also to successfully multiply, colonize and share their endless abilities to promote life.

Enzymes Komplete™ as a Natural Wide Spectrum Enzymatic Cleaner, that is specially designed to clean away all dead organic matter and provide a clean environment for good bacteria, good microbes and good fungi.


Enzymes Komplete™ is a gentle, environmentally friendly and multipurpose product that MUST BE USED WIDELY for cleaning and cleansing of all and any growing operations both indoor and outdoor.

Often, gardeners and growers forget that cleaning is as essential and vital for growing as water and light.Enzymes Komplete™ cleaner is bacteria free, inert and is completely harmless.


Garden Cleaning is as essentially vital for growing as water and light!

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