Fogging & Misting

Fogging of interior gardens is a very effective and rewarding procedure.

Recently many growers have been reporting great results by fogging their interior gardens using an atomizer or hand misting equipment for smaller gardens. Fogging will help to clean away many problems by going inside of ventilation systems, all cracks and cavities and all surfaces surrounding interior gardens.

Some of the growers were reporting cleaning away powdery mildew, spider mites, fungus gnats, root rot and others.

Enzymes Komplete™ is not a pesticide but a hard working enzymatic cleaner that cleans away many stubborn problems and at the same time, provides maintenance against unwelcome visitors!



PRIOR TO APPLICATION turn off all hot and heat producing devices until they are cooled down.

AFTER APPLICATION leave all devices off for a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours, until all plants are dry.

Please Note:  all gardens during Flowering Stage are very delicate and it’s not recommended to add anything to the garden

In case of a pending problem do not exceed 2mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per gallon of water and do no exceed 1.5mL of Hydrogen Peroxide per gallon. For any extra information please consult with Enzymes Komplete™ customer support or 604-921-8878 or email us at


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