Beneficial Microbes

Often a question regarding using beneficial bacteria and Enzymes Komplete™ together has been raised. The answer is – definitely – Yes and even more to say, that Enzymes Komplete™ will be an excellent addition to be used together with any type of beneficial bacteria that allow to create a better living environment with an abundance of food for beneficial bacteria to happily grow and multiply.

The multi-purpose use of Enzymes Komplete™ will provide a wide spectrum for applications and great results. Now, about the beneficial bacterias and in particular, Mammoth-P. We are very familiar with lots of beneficial bacteria products – including Mammoth-P  – and always have reports of great success by using Enzymes Komplete™ together with them.

By analyzing the details regarding the interaction of Enzymes Komplete™ with Mammoth-P, it gave conclusive answers and remedies to be suggested. When Enzymes Komplete™ is used in growing systems – especially in closed growing systems – with the presence of good bacteria such as Mammoth-P in particular – 2 very important points must be respected above all:

Important Points


Oxygen Supply

Abundance of oxygen in the water, this will support all life activities.  Lack of oxygen in the water  will suffocate life microbes and good bacterials.

The Temperature

The temperature of liquid in the system must be  strictly controlled and NOT EXCEED 20 C/69 F

When Enzymes Komplete™ is added to the system, it immediately starts doing its great job of cleaning and cleansing the system and starts breaking down dead matter and dead proteins.

Growing Systems

A dirty system will contain more dead matter and dead proteins.   If there is a massive amount of dead matter to be cleaned at once it will create an overwhelming of food that will feed the BAD BACTERIA.   While the system is being cleaned, a vast amount of Dead Matter and Dead Proteins, Chemical Lock Outs and salt build ups will be released at once and could be harmful and stressful to any living plants in the system. To avoid stressing the plants, the amount of Enzymes Komplete™ per litre or per gallon must be reduced y 4X and proceed with recommended 3 stage cleaning procedure.



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